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If you are here you probably already have an interest in starting your own worm farm for one reason or another. Here at Worm Farm Facts find your one stop shop for all things worm farm related. We provide you with the know how to successfully raise, breed, and put your worms to good use. We also review worm farm products and can supply you with the finest composting worms available. 

   Ok, Just What Will a Worm Farm do For Me?

Most of us know that worms are an important part of any ecosystem. However few people know all the benefits a home worm farm brings. Raising worms can be a fun hobby, or it can turn into a full fledged business opportunity. With even a small worm farm no bigger than a fish aquarium the home worm farmer can:

Compost (called vermicomposting) to reduce home food waste

Produce organic fertilizer

Fertilize indoor plants safely

Enrich garden bed soil naturally

Wormcasting Production 

Worm Tea (no not to drink)

Eliminate dangerous chemical fertilizers

Raise fishing worms


Check our pages often for updates and the latest information on worm farms.

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